Pilates Mat


New Client Evaluation & Single session  –  30 days after purchase
New Client Starter package  –  30 days after purchase
Monthly subscription packages  –  30 days days after purchase
5 pack sessions  –  60 days after first use
10 pack sessions  – 
120 days
after first use


Cancellations & Refunds


We strictly enforce a 24 hour cancellation policy. In cases of severe weather such as (but not limited to) ice, snow, flood or extended blackouts, we will waive this policy but as a courtesy we ask that you notify us not to expect you.


Only new clients are eligible for one New Client Evaluation and one Starter package. Each monthly subscription package expires 30 days after purchase without rolling over unused sessions.

All service fees and packages are non-refundable. Unfortunately we can only extend packages for medical and family emergencies. We can take a balance on your account to be transferred onto a gift certificate that can be given to a friend.

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