Connie, Studio Owner


Connie has completed her full Mat and Equipment Comprehensive Certification through Peak Pilates®.

After graduating cum laude from Alvernia University with a BA in English with a concentration in Communications Media, Connie went into outside corporate sales. After years in a successful career she found Pilates as a great way to reverse the strain of office posture and she developed a deep conviction that health comes from a properly moving body. It continues to inspire her to deepen her Pilates practice and help others.


Her clients have benefited from her resourcefulness, classical Pilates knowledge and skill to guide them toward optimum fitness.


Connie has trained women, men, and children from all walks of life. She understands the toll corporate clients' bodies are under and works to correct posture and breathing to make clients feel their best. Connie also enjoys working with dancers and athletes to help keep them injury free and at their peak performance.










Pilates Nexus strives to provide qualified, quality instruction in a friendly, relaxed and energetic environment.  All classes are tailored to the needs of each individual client.

Instructors at Pilates Nexus are certified through Peak Pilates® which is recognized worldwide throughout the Pilates industry. We are passionate about maintaining the integrity and traditions of the classical Pilates method and maintain continuing education and training to provide client with the utmost quality of instruction.








Pilates Mat Teaser
Pilates Reformer Short Box Round
Pilates Mat Double Leg Stretch
Pilates Chair Horseback
Pilates Mat Ugi Ball Can Can
Pilates Reformer Semi Circle
Pilates Chair Tendon Stretch
Pilates Tower/Half Trapeze
Pilates Chair Mermaid
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